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SCALING (CLEANING OF TEETH) Scaling is process which helps in removal of Calculus(tartar) from your teeth. Tartar Causes bad breath, Gum diseases, bleeding of the Gums, and also in some cases, it has been linked to heart problems. A round of Scaling should be done once in 6 months or a year whichever is deemed necessary. MYTH: cleaning causes loosening of teeth. FACT: cleaning helps in removing the debris/tartar which is causing the gums to recede. An effective cleaning will keep the gums healthy.
‘Its just 1 tooth’ ‘the space is not giving me any problems’ ‘il eat on the other side’ ‘why should I replace it and waste money?’ Hear yourself say these words? Mostly people avoid getting teeth replaced, and if they do it’s only for cosmetic purpose or to enable them to chew properly. However there are far more unpleasant consequences that can arise from not getting your missing teeth replaced.