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DECAY DILEMMA: PIT AND FISSURE SEALANTS: Children with molar teeth covered by a sealant are less likely to develop decay than children without. Sealants are coatings applied on molar teeth grooves that prevent bacterial growth. 1st molars erupt at the age of around 6 years and 2nd molars around 12 years of age. Therefore children between ages of 5-14years are best benefitted from sealants. NOTE: Sealants may also be appropriate for baby teeth when they have deep depressions and grooves. Hence a check up every 6months is ideal. Visit us for a detailed consultation of your child along with your queries.
‘Its just 1 tooth’ ‘the space is not giving me any problems’ ‘il eat on the other side’ ‘why should I replace it and waste money?’ Hear yourself say these words? Mostly people avoid getting teeth replaced, and if they do it’s only for cosmetic purpose or to enable them to chew properly. However there are far more unpleasant consequences that can arise from not getting your missing teeth replaced.